Black Sky Telemetry

Getting Started:

Barcamp 2013 presentation - what we did, and how you can do it yourself
Nuts & Volts (and Parallax) online book - An old, but still excellent, guide to nearspace ballooning
The DINO Mission - Development of Immersive Nearpace Objects

Other balloon/nearspace clubs/projects:

NC Nearspace - Another nearspace balloon group located in central NC
First Library in Space - Durham County library's historic flight
Jonathan Trappe - cluster balloonining
NCSU Commercial Space club - working on cube-sat and nearspace balloon projects
Raspberry Pi in Space - Dave Ackerman's Raspberry Pi project
Sputnik 2010 - Geocache in space - launched from NC
ARHAB - Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning
WB8ELK Balloons - The pioneer in ham radio high altitude balloons

Payload construction:

Rocketman - parachutes for high altitude balloons
Cannon Hacker's Developer's Kit (CHDK) - converting a Cannon camera for nearspace use

Lifting balloons/gas:

Kaymont - balloon supplier
Praxis Air - Local helium supplier
Helium Express - Another local helium supplier
Helium - Material Safety Data Sheet
Hydrogen - Material Safety Data Sheet

Balloon tracking:

APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System description
APRS tracking AK4CH balloons - Tracking URL for AK4CH (Rodney)'s balloons
Trackuino - an Arduino based APRS system
Byonics - a great source for tiny APRS systems
Spot tracking system - good backup, but does not work about 30,000 feet

Online balloon predictions:

Habhub - online prediction with a map
Nearspace ventures - online prediction (text only)

Government regulations for balloon flights:

Annotated FAR 101 guidelines - An easy guide to undertanding the FAA regulations for unmanned balloons
FAR 101 guidelines - The official FAR 101 regulations for unmanned balloons

Ham Radio:

ARRL - American Radio Relay League
Triangle Amateur TV Association - Local Amateur TV group
21st Century Ham Radio - Communicate with the ISS, or bounce a signal off the moon!
FCC Part 97 - Regulations for Amateur Radio
DX Zone - ham radio balloon operating modes page
Technician license study guide - A no nonsense guide to studying for your Technician class license
General licence study guide - A no nonsense guide for studying your General class license